What Does It Cost To Have The Apple Store Add RAM?

Too much.

Apple MacBook Pro Memory Upgrades for much less than Apple charges:

That’s what it costs for the Apple Store to add ram to your Mac **as not only will you have to **pay more for Apple memory than what you could buy elsewhere for even name brand RAM, which tends to be on the pricier side of things anyway such as Kingston Memory or Crucial memory, but you also have to endure the inconvenience of physically taking your Mac to the Apple Store,  and maybe it’s just  my bad luck but in the few times I have been to an Apple Store, the stores have always been packed with  people which a great  thing for Apple, as they sell more iPods, iPads and Apple Mac Computers but for the Macintosh user who just wants more ram installed, regardless of what Mac you wish to upgrade and that’s to install the Apple RAM yourself and save money on memory upgrades in the process.

Let’s use a 13 inch MacBook Pro as an example, as it currently is the best selling notebook – regardless of computer manufacturer, so there’s definitely a market not only for this article, but for cheap and good MacBook Pro RAM overall that’s much cheaper than what Apple charges for RAM. As I write this to double the RAM on a new MacBook Pro will cost you $400 for 8GB of  13 inch MacBook Pro Memory.

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Much Cheaper Apple Memory


Compare that to third party memory stores where you can buy the same 8GB MacBook Pro Memory for under $100.  I don’t know about you but I sure don’t have an extra $300 to spend for the priveledge of buying ram from Apple when I can buy pretty much the same memory for less, much less. 75% savings off $400 for MacBook Pro RAM is nothing to sneeze at, and if I do feel the need to give Apple more money I can do so with the purchase of an iPod or even use the savings on Apple RAM towards an Apple iPad.

To be fair, the cheapest RAM for MacBook Prosare going to come as generic RAM, And although  it’s not specified there’s a very good chance your new MacBook Pro will ship with name brand memory upgrades.  The last MacBook I bought had Micron RAM installed at default, which even though it’s name brand still only  has a street price of about $100 or perhaps a bit over. You’ll be fine with RAM from third party memory stores that are established online RAM vendors who sell a quality generic RAM product.

Now the best part. You can install RAM yourself for any current and discontinued Mac and in the case of the current Macs adding RAM upgrades yourself will not void your Apple limited warranty and Apple even provides memory upgrade instructions that will help you with the task of a memory install yourself.

I see no reason to either buy RAM from Apple either online, or direct as the cost is very high compared to much cheaper Apple Memory upgrade options