What Does 4GB RAM Cost?

4GB of RAM has never been cheaper than it is today

The price on memory upgrades, or RAM if  you will changes constantly so rather then tell you what it costs for 4GB of RAM I’d rather show you with a price list of current ram prices for notebook computers. I chose notebooks, because there’s a good chance your next computer will be a notebook computer because the prices on notebook computers keep dropping in price over time.

An example: One of the best selling notebooks currently on sale at Amazon (I like buying my computers from Amazon, they offer quick shipping, and stock everything under the sun so I can place one order and then get on with life.  I don’t have to shop at different computer stores  – one for RAM, and one for the laptop)

Anyway, as an example, you can get into an Asus netbook for about $350, which is  a pretty good deal for a notebook for web browsing and facebooking and  the like. And this particular Asus notebook  allows up to 8GB of RAM, meaning you’ll need to buy 4GB x 2 to fill the two available memory slots this notebook computer has.

Not only is this a pretty good deal on a notebook for under $400, but  also if you add RAM you’ll get a speed increase too Take a look at the  8GB Memory Upgrade Kits for this laptop computer:


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As you can see, 4GB memory modules for 2011 notebooks are pretty cheap, and the 8GB memory upgrade kits save you more money on RAM as they are discounted usually as a memory upgrade kit, as opposed to a memory upgrade module.

If you have been sitting on the fence about a ram upgrade, now is  the best time to buy. In the fifteen years I have been keeping  track of the memory prices, ram has never ever been cheaper. Buy 4GB RAM now and be happy that you saved money and have a smoother and faster computer to boot.