What are the Disadvantages of a MacBook Pro?

			MacBook Pros aren’t that much better and are even more expensive than the MacBook Air, with the 13  inch MacBook Pro still going  to cost you $1199.oo as your cheapest MacBook Pro option and the price can go up from there – depending on the screen size and configuration you end up with.

But, back to the MacBook Pro and  the disadvantages it may have,  and the very first thing that came to mind is that MacBook Pros are freaking expensive. Even the cheapest mac you can buy, the Mac Mini is a $700 purchase, and the cheapest way you can get  into any MacBook of any kind  is with an 11 inch MacBook Air. Sure, it’s got the cachet that only comes with an Apple product but for what is essentially Apple’s answer to a netbook, the $999 sticker price is a lot more than you’ll pay for a netbook running the windows OS that will probably run you about $200 or so. Is theI’m an Apple Fan, and have been for some time. In fact,  this site started as just a hobby site. I bought web hosting, taught myself some basic html and have been listing the best prices on RAM I could find for close to fifteen years. Not  only MacBook Pro RAMbut also I’ve even managed to swing a few memory deals for you folks over the years and some stores offer ram prices that are substantially lower than you could find anywhere else and are heavily discounted just for you.

The cloud doesn’t care about your OS.

When I started this site and  on a Mac of course, (I think it was an Apple IIci if I recall. I’m dating myself) I had to have programs to run and files to edit and the Apple  operating system was leaps and bounds better than anything Windows related.

But now in 2011, I work in the  cloud. I’m writing this with a 2008  MacBook for the simple reason I see no reason to upgrade my MacBook Pro at this time with anything better or bigger. And, I can’t  believe I’m going to confess this, but I could do just fine on a $399 (or less) windows notebook:

The programs I use are:

Photoshop Elementsfor the odd banner or graphics tweak. There’s a windows version too. It costs less if I remember for the windows version too. (but this may have changed)

FTP Program. I use Transmit, and  have for years.

WordPress, which is a free download.

I’ve been working away on a Windows notebook I bought a few years ago for the past month or so as a test to see if I could handle using a much cheaper notebook PC as my one and only computer – and  for the most  part and for my needs (yours may differ) I really don’t notice much of a difference between the two OS’s and my 15 inch HP notebook cost me a fraction of a new MacBook Pro and for what I do, does the trick just fine.

This isn’t to say that the Apple MacBook Pro isn’t really worth it, and I appreciate the way the Mac OS just works without  having to fiddle  with operating systems and dll files and viruses and the like, and with twenty years plus of Apple computer use under my belt, it’s  hard to train an old dog new tricks. I still can’t get used to the right click thing with the windows OS, either Vista or Windows 7.

But for the up front savings when you compare a MacBook Pro to a Windows notebook, I wonder: will my next Mac be a Windows PC?