You’ve got to love WNY/Southern Ontario thunderstorms. They seem to come out of nowhere.

Take tonight, for example:

After dinner I decided I needed to break free of my agrophobic ways and go forage for food at the grocery store.  I would only be gone for 20 minutes as I only needed a few things and all looked fine when I left. Sure, it was cloudy but it had been cloudy all day.

So I buzz down the road and hit the grocery store.

I get to the store, pick up some fruit and really just enjoying the quiet of the grocery store and OMG look at all the brands here. (Yes,  this is still new for me). Once I debated  with myself whether to get the name brand cereal or the generic I grab the cheap cereal and head to the cashier.  She’s nice and says to me “I can’t beleive how hard it’s raining”

Hold on a minute, did she say rain? I glance out the window and hoo boy is she right. It is pouring.

Once I get to the parking lot, there’s inches of rain on the lot. It’s small rivers rushing to the storm sewers.

Of course, every window in the car is wide open.

Let’s just say the car got washed on the inside.

Moving on..

I get home, and this freak storm (which was over by the time I got home) has apparently rained sideways into the house through the windows. The patio door of course was wide open so water was pretty much streaming down the floor when I arrived. The bedroom windows were also open and the worst of it landed on the dog’s bed so I’ve got  to find a towel or something for the beast to sleep on tonight.

I doubt she’ll mind.