Welcome to Macintosh

Today’s the day my mother in law comes to visit.

She’s here now and that’s a good thing because the chances of me getting a pie increase greatly when she visits.

Oh, also we enjoy her company.

But today is a bit of a story about computers and not pies.

Because it’s 2018 and the world turns with mobile phones more than any other computer for some - a computer is now the secondary computer for many and she falls into this category.

She’s a mobile-first mother in law.

Her current computer is a 2008 Aluminum MacBook and it’s served her well but it was time for an upgrade. But who wants to spend 1300 dollars and up on a new computer when the one she has is perfectly fine except for one problem: the screen started flickering.

So, I bought her a ‘new’ old MacBook I found on eBay.

Don’t get too excited as the ‘new’ one I gave her was of the same vintage but it’s a thing I’m good at - finding and refurbishing old computers to work better than when they arrived and this one is no different - it’s in great shape and should get her by for a bit longer to avoid a purchase of a new Mac

I swapped the hard drive from her old laptop to the new laptop and she’s good to go for a bit longer using ten year old technology.

As for me, I got to keep her ‘old’ computer with the wonky display to play with and see if I can fix it. In fact, I am using it right now to write this so this is really a win-win for all of us as at the end of the day we both have new “old” computers to work with.

I think we should celebrate with pie. ?