Welcome To America

1 year, 5 months, 8 days

That’s how long it took for the ‘Welcome to America’ letter to arrive. I am now a Legal Permanent Resident in the USA. The official ‘green card’ arrives next week.

To celebrate, I made pancakes.


To be honest, after all the the waiting it actually was a tad anti-climatic. I had hoped that ‘the letter’ would be, well - a letter. Instead, it looks like a utility bill. My name and numbers along the top of it and a ‘welcome to america’ paragraph with some instructions on the bottom. I was expecting a ‘letter’ with a seal and a signature.

It seems like yesterday that I said to BW that we’ve got a long road ahead of us - and it has been. I’ve chased down birth certificates and vaccinations and have been interviewed, fingerprinted, photographed too many times to count - and it’s been worth every needle, and form and hoop I’ve had to jump through. To all those who supported us while we chased the dream of living together under the same roof as husband and wife, I thank you.

I’m now living the American dream with the girl of my dreams.

BW, I love you.