Week 31

31 weeks of coughing with no end in sight.

Our child to be is as big as bunch of asparagus. (source)

We made it this far, which is good news as this has become far from a normal pregnancy.

Getting There

BW’s pregnancy induced cough variant asthma seems to be getting worse. She can’t move or even roll over in bed without coughing for 30 seconds or more. It’s really bad.

To make matter worse now that she’s on all these steroids to help with her cough (which don’t do much – they might as well be mentos) she now has high blood sugar we’re trying to get down. So, now there’s insulin added into the mix as well.

The baby on the other hand seems to be fine and is pushing 4 lbs in weight and size, so that’s a good thing. If only we could get Mom a bit healthier then we would all be able to breathe easier (literally)

Latest update is we are trying to get to week 34 as a full term isn’t going to happen. As the baby gets bigger BW’s lungs get squished more and more resulting in more coughing.

Did I mention that we are both not getting any sleep? This is supposed to be the golden hours where we celebrate our last few weeks as child free where we get to do what we want (mostly: sleep) but this is getting harder.

I had hoped that we would get to full term because the thought of my child in the NICU a month or more makes me jittery just thinking about it but I doubt that will happen . It’s possible that by month’s end I could be a Dad. (gulp)

In other news, I get to assemble a changing table later this week. Hopefully it goes better than the crib.

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