Weed Eater

It started with just one.

I had just finished using this:


and on the way back to the house I saw it:** the weed.**

Now this wasn’t any old weed. This was waist high. And I thought, hoo boy am I going to be in big trouble when BW comes back and finds that weed at eye level.

So, I pulled it.

and then another

and another

and another

and before you know it: this happened


Also, this:


Now, to the untrained eye, this doesn’t look like much but what you see here is over 3 hours of gardening. **. Now I will ask you to read this last bit again where it says I gardened because the entire plotline of this story hinges on this one fact that I pulled weeds out of the ground and garden. **That’s twice now. TWICE, people.

The second photo doesn’t look like much and needs some explaining.

Between the fence and our neighbours railway ties is a son of a gun to clean. leaves and other crap gets caught in no mans land between there and I suppose if this were the mccoys vs the hatfields you could spend hours arguing who’s mess this was. Technically, I think it’s not ours but no matter. Not only do dead leaves get behind here but also other items too. I found:

a metal stake

a chair cushion.

a lawn bag full of leaves.

The problem was how do I get between the rock and the hard place? My leaf blower won’t work because if the leaves were able to blow they would have blown away. I can’t get my hand in there to reach under the fence unless I start to dig  - so what’s a guy to do?

I cleaned out the entire length of the backyard with a stir stick for a paint can left over from my painting adventures. I could get the stir stick under the fence enough to fish out the leaves and lawn furniture and other items. There I was down on my knees with a stir sitck trying to pull out weeds and leaves and brances. How I got into this I will never know.

But, it looks a little better now.

Once I got the big stuff out I could clean out the remainder of the gap with the leaf blower and then raked the whole mess out and up and I had to hurry because I had so much fun it was starting to get dark.

Also: I found a great way to weed the garden: You take the leaf blower to it. It blows away all the loose grass clippings and surface dirt and then it’s really easy to see the weeds and yank ‘em.

Works like a charm. Here’s the before:



And every day I think two things:

I have nothing to write about for today.

All the work around the house is done.

Apparently, I’m wrong on both accounts.


Good Night, Moon.