We Run

running feels  good.

The 2012 running season has begun.

Last year, about this time we started running in anticipation of the big day and I was put on a strict “wedding diet” and we did really well with the running until Mid October where we quit running for two reasons:

It got cold.

B’s work schedule got pretty wild and did not leave a lot of room for running.

But now that the birds are singing and getting the early worm and the grass is green we really have no excuses left about running so it’s time once again to lace up the shoes.

We’re already happy, and if we don’t do something we’ll be fat fatter as the year grows and so will our mid sections.

So we run. After a false start when we  had the early spring in March, we’r  back at it again now for a few days and we have the running down to an exact science. We have in the past used the GPS on the phone to track our runs so we could share with friends but every five minutes the voice would interrupt to tell us how slow we are, so we gave up on that.  We know how slow we are thank you very much.

I find the hard part about running is getting out the door. Once I’m warmed up and around the corner it’s easy to keep a managable pace and just run away.

For B, she hates every inch.

I don’t know that I love running and would much prefer ice cream, but  once I’m out the door I am good and I really enjoy when you stop running and are freshly showered and it feels like  you moved and are alive.  It’s my belief  that regular exercise is way more effective than any happy pill you could  take.

This is not the case  for B, who enjoys being  out together doing a shared activity but could  do without the running part.

We also differ  about shoes. She’s happy in her shoes from Target, where I need to  have brand  name running  shoes that actually look like they would  help than hinder.  But, her shoes cost $19.99 and mine cost more.

We haven’t tried the toe running shoes or  barefoot running or whatever it’s called. That looks like it just hurts and so we’ll  stick with running shoes for now. I would like to try a pair of the lower profile, closer to the ground shoes with less cushioning to see how they feel but for  now my New Balance shoes seem to have a lot of life left in them.

Another reason we run, is that it’s cheap. You need  comfortable shoes, preferably designed for running and that’s it. You don’t need fancy tights or running clothes or GPS watches. You just need to toss on some loose comfortable clothes, some  shoes and  out the door.

For timing our runs I mentioned above we have tried our phones, but I found the easiest way to track your running time is with the COTS  system. This stands for clock on the stove. As we go out the door,  we glance at the clock on the stove and when we come back  we do the same. We then measure the time difference between when we left and when we  got back and that’s  how long it took to run. I find it’s accurate every time.

About the weight loss when running. 

A lot of people start to run so they will lose weight, but we’re quite happy with our weight and I’ve been married long enough to know that I’m not asking B any questions about weight ? .  We’re running in hopes of dropping a pound  or two, but really  it’s a great way to  spend quality time with your  spouse.  It’s like a date night every evening.  We can talke about the day, our plans, the dog - all of it - without any distractions from the phone, the TV, email and all the other stuff that happens. It’s our half hour.

It’s not the only time we spend together but it sure is nice.