We Buy Things We Don't Need With Money We Don't Have To Impress People We Don't Like

Pretty freaky title, eh? This is  just a test of my odd little skillset with this article. The phrase above is what gets searched for on Google the most so far out of all the other stuff  I have written to date on this site.


This, my friends is called the long tail in the land of internet marketing  -  I’ll never rank for the word husband on Google. (I think I should rank for number 1 husband, but then hey, I am biased. ) But I will rank for this title once I hit the submit button.  I’m already getting searches for it, yet this topic has never appeared here before.

Imagine what would happen if I actually wrote about the above? So with that in mind:


If there's one thing  I have learned since being married is that you don't need a lot of stuff or to impress a whole lot of people. Ever wonder how you see those old guys with socks and sandals on the beach, or just checking the mail or doing yardwork in the front yard and you think - who dresses these guys? You see, they don't care or don't need to impress anybody. They are happy not spending money on stuff they don't need to impress strangers. > > > > This is one thing to say all this, but in practice - it's harder in real life. We want to  live in the  cool place, drive the cool car and wear the cool clothes. We want to fit in. Well, most of us - some of us are happy being the odd ball - just ask me how I know. Back to my point : I'd love to buy a new[ Hyundai Veloster](https://www.hyundaiusa.com/vehicles/2013/veloster/?), and one of the reasons is pure vanity  - it looks cool. Besides, I'm middle aged, and I'm due for something sporty. But, here's the thing: Despite that the air conditioning is gone, and BW seems to think that due to this fact we need to [buy a new car](http://jim.am/she-wants-to-buy-a-mazda-cx-5/) (we don't)  our  little car gets around town just fine. > > > > Eventually we'll have to buy a new car, but when we do we'll buy the car we want to fit our needs, one we can afford and one where we could care less what the neighbours think. Why? Because here's what happens when you buy a new car: You get one, maybe two nice comments about your new set of wheels when you park it in your driveway, but after that the only one left to impress is you. And the thing with new is that new becomes the new old, and within weeks you've got cheerios behind the seat cushions on the new car. You've become acclimatized to the new. The new, is  no longer the new new, but the new old. You're bored with the old new. But, you're making payments on it -  for another 72 months. Ouch > > > > But what if you stopped spending money you don't have on stuff you don't need to impress others? You spend less, you save more. Maybe you travel more and because you do, and can afford to, because you stopped buying crap -  your wife now thinks you're the world's biggest hero. > > > > It's time to start impressing the people that matter to you, and not some stranger at a stoplight. > >

show your wife  you can  do it

See? about 200 words or so on the topic. I could keep going, but I made my point:** Stop buying crap you don’t need - take your wife to Paris instead.** (note to BW:  this is not a promise - just saying)

I do this all day long. I write articles just like this. I try to answer a question if  I can, because everybody’s always searching for something and me too - you’re never too  old to learn new things. Here’s a few questions I have in my head from just today:

How to keep your wife from losing her marbles?

How to replace a concrete front porch

How to get the dog to stop barking at the UPS guy

How to convince your wife you need a new lens for your camera

How to tell your wife she doesn’t need to buy more shoes

and on and on and on..

What happens, is that after a bit of time, all the articles I have written start to make me money. On one site I’ve written 440 articles and have made over ten thousand dollars this year to date. In my underwear - at five in the morning (apologies for the mental image). The math works out to about 36 dollars a year for every article I add to my site on average. Some, make me no money but others make me lots to make up for the ones that don’t. This works the same as the movies or the music industry - the hits pay for the duds, and then some - but until you make them, there’s no guarantee what will be what.

The solution? Write more.

The $1000 challenge

What I love about what I do is that once you have data, you can make more money.  I know I will get some visitors here based on the title of this article alone.  I also know that if I’m making ten grand with 400 articles, I can make 30 grand with 1200, or thereabouts.  So, that’s what I intend to do - make 30k a year in brand new income. This won’t take me too long. I’m a third of the way done. I can’t say it will take me 90 days, or even 3 years, but eventually if you throw enough mud at the wall some will stick.

Why am I doing this? For one reason, and one reason only: BW doesn’t believe I can, and she’s the only person I need to impress. I can talk about  how I’m going to make more money, but until she actually sees the cash-ola she’s not going to believe me. You know the saying: “Money talks, bullshit walks”?  And right now I’m producing more of the latter and less of the former.  I intend to  change that, and a grand a month seems like a manageable goal to start with.

A grand a month works out to 33.00 a day or so, and assuming I make $3/month for each article, I need to write about 350 or so more and what better way to make myself accountable to this half baked idea than to write it down here? Assuming each one takes me an hour, there’s no reason why I should not be able write 5 a day x 5 days = 25 articles a week. Somedays I may write more, some less, and I could even cheat and outsource the work to India, but for this first thousand bucks I won’t - I’ll do the work myself. So 100 articles a month = 3.5 months = $1000 a month in new income by Christmas 2012  - that’s the goal. If I push myself I want to have 1000 articles written by year’s end published

The beauty of this is the more you write, the more questions you can answer. I never knew that somebody was searching for this, but I do now. Here’s a few other searches I rank for on Google with this site: (the numbers are how many times this site has come up in Goog;e’s search results). God, I wish I knew the answer to the second question. 

Screen Shot 2012-08-21 at 7.58.53 PM


Pretty funky list eh?  If I wrote how to buy cheap weed,  how to feed the dog, how much is a  mazda CX-5, where can I see a dog  drinking beer. - one article on each, I’d get not only more visitors for those terms but those articles would produce even more terms and add to this list.  The idea list is pretty much nonstop. I have a spreadsheet with over 25,000 keywords to write about - that should keep me pretty busy. ?

That’s it. I need to make a $1000 a month by the holidays in new income. All because of a pretty smile. (and to prove to her that I can do this)

Also, when people ask us what we both do - We can both say ‘we’re writers’. Aren’t you impressed? ?