Upgrading Mac RAM: 2GB to 4GB


If there’s a sweet spot when it comes to memory upgrades, it is upgrading your memory from 2GB to 4Gb when it comes to Mac Memory Upgrades.MacBook Models from Apple are just one of many notebook computers to take advantage of a 4GB Memory Upgrade from 2GB.

Best 4GB RAM Memory

At 2gb of RAM, what once was considered a very capable amount of memory, in 2011 this amount of memory is at very least standard with your Mac or should  be. When running a current operating system such as I am here as I write this article in wordpress, and with just a few other applications open such as Mail, iTunes, Safari and iPhoto, I am currently using 3GB of the 4GB of RAM (and in my case, this is the maximum RAM for my MacBook Pro. Only 25% of the memory I have installed is free when running Mac OS X, version 10.6.6 and a few Apple Applications running and with open windows.

So, as you can see 2gB of RAM is nice, but 4GB of RAM is better. For some,8GB of memory and higher will be out of reach due to either limitations of the Mac’s maximum memory allowed or even just their pocketbook – 8GB of memory and higher could be too much ram.

But with 4GB of RAM installed you have at very minimum enough RAM to run a current Mac operating system and still have enough memory to have a few Apple applications running and a few windows open. If you don’t have enough RAM and the  2GB you have installed is not  enough ram to run the computing tasks you need, the OS uses the hard disk for temporary memory storage. This is becoming less of an issue thanks due to the popularity of SSD hard drives and as these newer flash based hard drives gain in popularity they will also drop in price too.

But there’s no such thing as having too much RAM and for most computing tasks that are common in everyday use, 4gb of RAM is a good balance of enough ram for those on a budget when considering RAM upgrades.

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