Upgrade to 4gb RAM for Mac

Now that it’s 2012,  it’s pretty easy to say that the minimum memory for today’s Apple Macintosh computers when it comes to Mac Memory is 4GB of RAM. I could be wrong but I know the new MacBooks ship with 2gb of RAM standard and I’m pretty sure that the Mac Mini’s do too and the MacBook Pros start at 4gb of RAM and the Mac Pros can be filled with 64gb of ram if you’ve got deep enough pockets.

Cheap RAM for Macs 4GB

Cheap 4GB RAM for Mac

All this to say if you’re shopping for a memory upgrade for a new MacBook or MacBook Pro or, yes even Mac Mini – that you should have your sights on at very least 4GB of RAM for these Macs.

The iMac will accept up to 16gb of RAM

The Mac Mini will accept up to 8GB of RAM

The MacBooks will accept up to 4GB of RAM

The MacBook Pros will take up to 8GB *(and  my guess is 16gb for MacBook Pros at next refresh). *

The Mac Pros will take up to 64GB.

But with it being back to school season, buying a MacBook is going to be a popular activity over the next month or thereabouts so I want to talk about MacBook Memory as this is probably the  one computer form Apple that could really benefit from a 4gb Mac Memory Upgrade.

At 2gb stanard, Apple had to cut corners somewhere to get the MacBook to the Magical $999 price so they tossed 2x1Gb chips in it and said good enough..  (which I think is still a lot for what it is, but that’s a topic for another day). 4gb for MacBook  will turn your MB into a much more useable machine and 4gb is no money these days and the result of hte MacBook ram upgrade will be making it more capable and it doesn’t matter what you’re doing with it surfing, email and so on will run faster and smoother with more memory for your portable mac.

If you’re running a Mac with 2GB or less and it’s a newer modern machine you should stop what you’re doing right now and see if you can get 4gb of RAM into your Mac somehow.

If you can’t add 4GB of RAM you might be better off buying a new Mac that allows 4gb.

4GB of RAM for all Macs released in 2010 should be the minimum amount in my opinion.