Upgrade MacBook To 8GB RAM

Unfortunately you cannot upgrade a MacBook to 8GB of RAM or Memory. Yet.

To get 8GB into an Apple notebook you’ll need to be working with a MacBook Pro as one of the advantages is that the MacBook Pro models can accept and recognize more  RAM than the lesser MacBooks and that’s just one of the few differnces when you compare the two MacBook lines from Apple

The good news (and we’re talking about 2010 MacBook and MacBook Pros here is that you can  upgrade your MacBook to 4GB – and for the market the MacBook is aimed at (ie: consumer and educational market) 4GB of RAM is more than enough RAM for your MacBook. If you need 8GB of RAM than consider the MacBook Pro 13 inch if you want to fill a MacBook with 8GB of RAM.

Cheapest MacBook Pro 8GB

Best Apple MacBook Pro 8GB RAM

But forget about 8GB for MacBook Pros for  a second as we’re going to assume you have a MacBook or are considering buying a MacBook and regardless: you need more RAM for your MacBook.

The good news is 4GB MacBook RAM is much cheaper than 8GB of MacBook Pro RAM anyway so do yourself a favor and upgrade your MacBook and sell the original RAM that came with your MacBook back  to the memory stores. I know that OEMPCWORLD and RAMJET are just two memory stores that will buy your memory back from you. This is one way to offset the cost of your MacBook RAM upgrade even more as now you can upgrade your MacBook for even less. Currently a 4GB memory upgrade kit for MacBook  is priced under $100 whereas 8GB for MacBook Pros run a little under $300 still. If you managed to sell your old MacBook Memory you’re well under $100 for a MacBook that’s maxed out with memory. Don’t go out one night, eat at home instead  (I like pizza) and you’ll have saved enough money to upgrade your MacBook to the maximum 4GB of RAM.

If you have an older MacBook you can still get at very least 2GB of ram into your older MacBook for example a black MacBook from circa 2006 or so is still a very useable and viable computer and and upgrade to 2gb costs about the same as a night at the movies so it’s my opinion it would be silly not to upgrade your MacBook, regardless of when you bought it or what year it is.

For MacBook RAM prices I list  4gb MacBook  upgrade kits for newer models of MacBooks and if you have an older version of the MacBook you’re best off to upgrade with 2GB MacBook PC5300 DDR memory upgrade kits.