Two for Two and and For an Audience of One

I can’t believe I just did this, but when I hit the publish button, this will be the 2nd back to back post. I’ve yet to make 3 posts all year and now I’m 2 for 2 this week, and this got me thinking - why now?

I think the biggest reason is that in a way that this little blog fills the gap a bit when BW is away.  It’s been said that when you write you should pick an audience member and I pick BW. But she’s not here to share the day to day with me, so I’m left with this blog . Sure, there’s facebook and skype and twitter but they’re updates for the most part peppered with some “I miss you’s” as we count the days until my bachelorhood ends, and my to list gets shorter and shorter.

Or, it could be I’m just going to go stir crazy if I talk to the dog any more today so this is another outlet. It’s either this or I’m out in the middle of the street mumbling incoherently and wearing a tutu.

It could just be if I let the dog in** ONE MORE TIME** today…


Or it could be I just need to share the day here more  - exciting as  it seems. As the previous posts demonstrate I didn’t really write a whole lot the first part of the year - part of that is due to the winter months. In the wintertime, we’re pretty quiet. We both plonk away on our computers, eat dinner and then watch back to back west wing episodes while we share a blanket and a cup of tea and then, we floss and go to bed.  There’s not a whole lot of stuff to write about - I suppose I could start to comment on the attire of the late 90’s and the comings and goings of west wing characters  and OMG the size of the cell phones, but that would be hard to do day in and day out.

So, now what? I think I’d like to continue with this as a diary. The problem I have is that the perfect is the enemy of the good for me and I raise the bar that every post has to be funny and perfect and I** need to say something each and every day,** but I don’t think it has to be that way. This isn’t a comedy blog, it’s about my life - as a husband, house painter, dog watcher, light installer, caregiver and pancake maker. =

So that’s where I’m headed with this blog. I’m going to start writing about the little things and more often, maybe not daily, but because they make up the big things when you add ‘em up and it’s fun to look back. It won’t be exciting and no awards will be won, but wouldn’t it be neat to look back a few years from now and just see how far we’ve come. (and probably a bit fatter too - see below)

 So with that in mind, here’s today’s highlights of the comings and goings on ‘the lane’ today. (in no particular order)

TheDog wakes me up to feed it  - then goes right back to bed. She does this when BW is here and still sleeping so I thought the dog was guarding BW - nope, the dog is just lazy.

The car started today. We’ve been having problems with the car that sometimes you’ll get into it and it won’t start, but othertimes it does…. I’d bring it to the mechanic but it’s a lottery on whether it starts and of course, last time I took it in he couldn’t find anything wrong after having it for a week and I’ve got a little booster battery so for now, I just cross my fingers and turn the key. It’s like going to vegas and hope you get the 7 7 7 in a row but the bright lights and the beeps are just the car’s dashboard and not a slot machine.

I went to the bank, forgot my stuff and had to go all the way back home to get it. Boy, you’d think I was BW. ?  (Oh, hi honey)

The dog has a new trick: I take garbage and toss it in the can. She digs it out of the can and drags the contents all over the lawn. This is the second time in recent memory.

I repainted the deck - scratch another item off the to-do list. I’m running out of stuff to paint.

BW, I watered your plants.

BW finds me on skype: here’s the transcript:

BW: I am going to go to Argentina this weekend. BW: Corrientes. BW: it isn't far. BW: about 5 hours on the bus. BW: it is too far to Cordoba, over 10. Jim: hey. cool. Jim: world traveler you are. Jim : I went to tops > >

Tops is the grocery store. BW’s off to Argentina for the weekend and I plan on cutting the grass now that my ride is back from the shop.

It’s all one big  Part-tay, Par-tay here.

Actually, when the cat’s away it is a little bit.  I stay up late and listen to bad music from the 80’s:


This band is from Burlington, Ontario. My canadian friends should recognize ‘em. A good chance you US folks would never hear about them. This is one thing I’m noticing and that’s that Canada has lots of great bands that never made it  big here.  We have more than Justin Beiber and Celine Dion and maple syrup, eh? ?

Also, I eat well when the boss is gone too.

First, I (over)cook the burgers just so:


toss ‘em on a bun:


make myself a big honking salad..


and hey! how did this get in the house?


I don’t know what happened. I opened the freezer and there was a brand new container of chocolate ice cream waiting for me. BW must have left it for me. I know I would never ever bring home something like this. ever.

And then as the shadows get longer I put the garbage back in the can (Yes, I’m looking at you dog) and drag it to the curb, and on the way back I see the sun and these flowers and I think:


life’s not bad..except for one thing:

Come back to me BW.

I can’t offer world travels, but I have ice cream. ?