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Ram Prices drop over time. When first introduced new memory modules are very expensive to buy, and in some cases the memory upgrades can cost as much as the computer the ram upgrade is designed to be compatible with.

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One example of this recently is the newer Mac Pro Computers that were released earlier this summer in 2010. When first introduced to add 64gb of RAM to a Apple Mac Pro would cost you just shy of $3000, but in the last six months the ram prices for Apple Mac Pro have dropped and at time of writing this article are now priced at a much more affordable (yet still pretty pricey) $1900. You save $1000 on your memory upgrades just by waiting for time and demand to increase which of course, reduces the price.

Another example of this would be when the iMac DDR3 models were released in 2008. To buy ram from Apple at the time it would cost you as much as the iMac itself to upgrade to the 8GB of RAM that the Apple iMacs could handle, but in 2011 ram upgrades for the same Apple iMac computers are now a much more affordable and cost just $110 for 8GB of DDR3 memory for the same computer. That’s a 90% ram price change in just a few years.

So if you want to save money on ram upgrades, one option is to just wait as the ram price trends do indicate year over year that except for rare instances, memory upgrade prices drop over time regardless of whether you need memory for an Apple Computer or Dell or HP computer as well the cheapest RAM is the memory you don’t buy today but make do with the standard ram that is already installed in your notebook or desktop computer. Most computers today come with enough memory for most consumer based tasks such as facebook, email, web browsing and so forth. If you’re a power computer or earn your living with your computer then it’s probably best to buy ram today regardless of cost as over time you will benefit from the memory upgrade and ignore any ram price trends.

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