Tragically Hip

The Hip

BW fell down the stairs today and bruised up her hip pretty good.

She’s okay but there is some complaining and rightfully so because it looks like it will be a pretty nasty bruise (and is already)

“Wait until tomorrow, it will be worse”, I said.

“Thanks for reminding me” was the cheery reply.

She’s set up in bed with her phone, books, tea and other sundry items. She’s OK, just in a bit of pain.

The Phone

One of my tasks today was to make an appointment at the Apple Store in the mall because BW thought her battery was dying. And as I am resident nerd, I’m the one that gets to go.

It turns out I didn’t need to make an appointment as they have a ‘battery guy’ that does nothing but deal with battery problems all day (and you thought you had a shitty job).

It turns out that all was fine with her phone battery too as they told me it still had 91% left and was only charged over 100 times on a battery that’s rated for 1000.

The Dinner

BW made me a fantastic meal today despite the fact that she was on the injured list. I’m not sure of the name exactly, but let’s go with asian spare rib surprise.

Lastly, BW says she now wants to move to a ranch house without stairs, because..ouch.

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