Too Hot To Handle

You would think, that after our crazy birthday blowout with Tacos, we’d be back to our old boring day to day lives:

but, nooooo…it wouldn’t be a complete week without a trip to the emergency clinic because while she was making me this:

BW did this:

because…if you touch the burner on the stove when the burner is still on.. you get a complimentary fashion statement for your middle finger, (I was going to say free of charge, but we’re talking health care in the USA, so theres’  no such thing as a free ride - good thing BW has a health plan)

Our weekend of celebration continued because BW’s sister drove up for a visit and that’s pretty much the last the dog and I saw of BW because it was girls weekend out, and no dogs or husbands allowed. As you can see, we missed BW a whole bunch and waited patiently for her return.

We also partied while the ladies were away:

Well…maybe party is too strong a word. Nap might be a better choice.

I did get to grab a photo of my ladies before they went out:

also, you will note our seasonal decoration on our front porch. We don’t just buy a plain old pumpkin, we buy fancy pumpkins:

We’re very good decorators, as you can see.

But before you know it, the weekend was over and BW’s sis went home but not before we sent our olive plant back to BW’s mom for safe keeping - I don’t know what we do to it - but it’s not good, that’s for sure: We add sun, and water yet we still are horrible at plant keeping. Olive trees, anyway. So, back it goes to those in the know.

And things are now back to the quiet times. We gained a pumpkin, added a year, burned a finger, and lost our plant and there was just one last problem to solve and that was:

Is it dinnertime yet?

Happy Monday, all. ?