To Venus and Back

“OOH, the Venus Transit is next week!” she excitedly said.

And with those few words, my new to-do item on the honey-do list was to make B a pinhole camera so she could watch the venus transfer without harm to her eyeballs.

I really don’t get the space/nerd thing she’s got going on but then she’s not quite understanding of my love for speakers so I guess it all works out.

I searched the internet  for pinhole camera instructions and found a box to make her a pinhole camera:

And at exactly 6:03 pm, this happened:

But, there was a problem. We could see the sun, but no transfer of venus. Maybe we were early, so we waited and tried again:

Still nothing. So, what if we sat down? Surely that might help…

Nope, nothing.

Did I make the camera wrong? It’s a possibility as this was the very first pinhole camera I made. So, I found a different design that didn’t require you to sit in the backyard with a box on your head ( I told you today’s post was going to be a doozy)

See that little white dot? That’s the sun, so  at least we got that right but still  - no sign of venus travelling across it.

Then, we gave up and watched it happen live on the internet with tea and cookies. The End.

At least the dog had fun. No box required.