Tidy Husband 3.0

I’m back.

After visiting family a few weeks back more than one lamented the fact that tidy husband was gone. So, I’ve decided to try again, with some changes.

The first change, is that I have changed the platform this site runs on (and my others). It’s faster and more importantly, is it’s free. Before I was couging up more than $100 annually for hosting and although it wasn’t a lot, 100 bucks is 100 bucks.

The second change is the format. This time, it’s microposts - small little updates of our lives. This could be anything and it’s just a fun way to go back and revisit all the little things that happen in our corner of the world.

This will also allow me to share the photos I take. Otherwise, they get taken and sit on my computer and that’s as far as they go. Again, these will be snippets and snapshots.

I might still write the odd larger post but our lives aren’t like that. They’re made up of little things that you share with your friends when they ask “what’s new”?

Here’s where the “what’s new” will get recorded. Some of it will be pretty mundane - you have been warned. If you want to get updates on the death of my alarm clock and such than you will love it here. Otherwise, not so much.

For all 3 of my readers, thank you for taking the time to read what makes our little corner of the world go round.