This Note's For You

I think that after six years BW and I have finally figured out this ‘being married’ thing. Like most couples, you have high hopes that it will all work out but you never really know. It’s important to have a right ‘match’ in life and with BW I have it.

Last year, I just picked up some cookies on the way home for Valentine’s day. But this year I went all out and **made BW a card **that you see above.

I actually went to the dollar store and bought the poster board and the stick on letters. That was the easy part - the hard part was trying to sneak the stuff in to the house. You never realize how much we are joined at the hip until you try to smuggle something in the house that your wife won’t notice.

This would not have been a problem if it was a laptop computer because I’m always buying and selling these but hoo boy is hard to sneak poster board into the house. Thankfully BW did finally go to work and this allowed me to get creative and make the card.

This card needs some explanation.

My work schedule has changed, but when I was working Saturdays - before I left in the morning I would get the coffee maker ready and leave BW a note with her cup ready to go - all she had to do was push the button. It somehow became a Saturday morning tradition.

These notes are just silly little rhymes or drawings but what makes these special are the fact that they are written on ugly christmas sweater notes that my 7 year old nephew gave me.

Over time I’ve saved these notes.

BW has been asking me to blog about these time and time again, and kept telling her to be patient because I had this card idea in my head

Finally after a very long wait I presented her with this beauty of a card.

And I have to say it was a success. Between the anniversary and the fact that valentines day is 2 days later, there’s been flowers and books and home made cards but now that all that is over we have to get back to normal routine.

Besides I’m out of poster board.