There, I fixed it.


I told BW I wasn’t handy and I think this photo pretty much proves the fact. I had fixed this previously but it hadn’t stood the test of 60MPH winds so I’m hoping my **much **improved repair does this time round. Will see.

Oh, Hi! Where Have I been? April sucked here and it’s hard to write when you’re sad.

But April is over and to celebrate I bought myself a new bike!

It’s a “Fat Bike” because it has big tires but also because if I don’t try and offset the pie diet Im going to get fatter.

I popped into one bike store on the way home from work and was quoted $1500.00 for an entry level one so I left the store without one that day.

There’s carbon fiber, and titanium and OMG so many choices. Mountain, Road, Hybrid - the list goes on and on.

But I did find this beauty at Bikes Direct and it’s well, fine.

Also, It’s considerably less than $1500.00 and I did not want or could spend so much on a bike I am not sure I would ride, but I’ve managed to get a few rides in. My longest to date is just over 7 miles.

I wanted a fat tire bike because some of the time I am riding on gravel and I didn’t want to have to worry about skinny tires also plan on riding this in the winter too in the snow. If you lower the tire pressure about 4 lbs, which seems ridiculously low (BW’s bike has 60lbs in her tires) but makes for a nice comfortable ride.

It takes some getting used to though: In some ways it feels like you’re riding this:

Also I have noticed the technology has changed some and repairing and fixing bikes seem in some ways to be harder and in some ways to be easier. When I was a kid, if you had an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver you were set, but now… did you know that there’s different valve stems on bikes now? And almost everything can be tweaked with a few allen tools?

I managed to put it together from the the box but I’m no bike mechanic it seems. I could not figure out for the life of me how to get the plasting shipping piece off the wheel so i pushed it in too far into the wheel and it took me **hours ** to figure out how it comes out. Also, I put the forks on backwards the first time around. So, I’m learning.

But, mechanical ineptitude aside I’ve been having a lot of fun. I did replace the original tires with some bigger tires that barely fit but they do. I figure if you’re going to have a fat bike have a really fat bike. This thing is so silly you really don’t need brakes as the tires are so big that you can almost coast to a stop thanks to the rolling resistance of tires.

So yeah, monster truck for a bike. No broken bones so far.

I am very proud of myself though because I managed to fix BW’s bike. She had a very warped wheel but with $20 of tires from eBay she’s back on the road and now we can go for family bike rides this summer.

It’s getting cold in here

And it’s a good thing I bought the bike when I did because just after **our furnace died just days after. **

So, I called Lowes. And they were no help at all. They wanted to me to come in and shop for a furnace in the store, as if I knew what I was buying. Right.

I needed a new furnace and that’s all I knew.

A quick call to home depot and I had a guy here in a half an hour. No really. It was amazing.

We told him we didn’t want to throw more money at our old one that technically still worked but it would take all morning to get to room temperature.

A half an hour and some signatures on an iPad and we had a new furnace installed a week later.

Oh, the cost? **FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. **(Goodbye new bike upgrades).

We got a Lennox model of some sorts. After I bought it I asked my friend who does this for a living if it was a good brand and his reply was that it was “junk”.

Junk or not, I don’t know yet. I do know that tonight I’m warm as I’m typing this and there’s a long warranty with 24 months, no interest. I’m good.

Speaking of Service..

They say bad luck comes in threes but at the rate we are going we might top that. Up next, our dryer crapped out.

Of course it’s just out of warranty. So I called somebody local because I didn’t want to pay Sears or Samsung to fix the thing. They don’t fix top loaders they said. Okay then…

I call the next guy. Same answer. And so it went. Lots of calls and no repair guy.

I called Samsung and after going through all the troubleshooting hoops (“is it plugged in?”) I get the answer I already knew from the sticker on the door - the dryer is out of warranty.

On a whim, I call Lowes where we bought it and they pull up BW’s file and tell me that yes, the warranty is over but the drum is still under warranty. I’m not quite sure how some parts are under warranty but the dryer itself isn’t but hey, whatever.

The next day the repair guy calls and says he’s local and ten minutes later BW’s dryer is fixed. **For free. **


I’m still baffled by the warranty on this thing.

Lastly, the dog might have cancer.

BW took it in for the yearly tuneup and was told it might have mammary cancer. They took tests and all came back inconclusive so it’s just business as usual. The dog seems fine (other than being a bit stinky)

That’s all for now. Hope to get back into to writing regularly again. ?


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