The Walker

What they don’t tell you with all the baby websites that you read as you watch your little one grow inside your wife is that when your wee one is born the plastic stuff just seems to multiply in your sleep

Today’s example is the walker we have at the ready in the corner of the living room:


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She’s not quite ready to use this as she is still working on crawling yet. She has the rolling on the floor down pat though, so there’s hope.

I’m in no hurry to be able to use this walker for kids as my kid still can’t walk and as such is a bit more controllable. When they start to walk, then the real fun begins.

One neat thing about this walker toy is that the front of the unit is removable from the rest of the walker so your little one can play with the device even if she’s not quite walking yet.

Off the top of my head, there’s counting, piano keys that sing do ra mi and a cow that will moo when pushed. What more could a toddler as for. I know I get half an hour or more with 2 hands free thanks to this thing so I’m good.

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