The First Tooth


She’s right on target with her first tooth at a bit over 8 months. BW was the first to find it. I had thought she might be getting a tooth but wasn’t sure.

The past few days she would not take a full bottle and pushed it away after eating 3/4 at the most and now I think the tooth was rubbing on the nipple and she couldn’t get through the bottle without pain. I’m happy to report that now that the tooth has emerged she’s eating well again.

She’s also reaching more for stuff so you can’t pluck her down without making sure everything is out of reach which can be a challenge.

She had a bath tonight (see above photo for the ‘why’) and she now sits up in the bath and I’m pretty sure that’s not how it was designed to be used, so we will have to get her a new bathtub. The rubber duck is a hit though and she would spend all day in there I bet if I let her. She’s a water baby, that’s to be sure.

Back to the tooth: You can feel it more than you can see it but I’m glad it’s out and my little one is feeling better. For the past few days I have clipped this teether to her shirt and it seems that now that the tooth is out she has more interest in it than before but at six bucks, it’s one of the cheaper teething products and I love the fact that she can chew on the little beads on the strings as well as the actual toy.

She’s also sleeping better and had an hour and half nap today for Mom while I was at work and that’s something that doesn’t happen much so it was a relatively easy day.