The Yes Man

This being married is hard work, I tell you.

Today’s example.

A new dog is in BW’s mind lately. I don’t know why because we already have one dog too many but whatever.

She’s got name picked out and everything.

So I wasn’t too surprised when she told me she had been online dog shopping (and I thought the dresses and shoes were bad) and that she wanted to get a new/another dog.

“What kind?” I asked.

“An old English Sheepdog”, she said.

“Oh, like Sam the Sheepdog” said I.

Like this:

“what do you think?” she asked.

and here’s where it gets weird:

**I said OKAY. **

“But you hate dogs”, she said.

“I’m coming around” I said.

Now, this is where it gets really weird. One would think that BW would be pleased with the fact that I agreed to another dog in the house without any protest from yours truly. But nope, not BW.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked.

“what do you mean?” I said.

“You’re agreeing to everything I say lately. I don’t like it”

I ask you dear readers to go read that last bit again. The part where I agreed to all and everything.

And she doesn’t like it. I give.

I reminded her that I paint, clean and now just agreed to get another puppy and that she should be thrilled.

But in a way this is her fault. I forget the topic, but I was getting teased by both her AND MY friends and they were ganging up on me and teasing me about married life and how I had trouble adjusting to being advised by my wife constantly.

But my friend took pity on me and gave me the best advice on being happily married yet:

He says “the trick is to just agree with ‘em” he tells me. “Half the time they forget what it is anyway, or you blow it off but this is way easier than protesting”

So, I’ve been tying being the “Yes man” and agreeing with BW and so far so good.

I think.

At least until I start to walk 2 dogs daily.