The Sod Project

Not to be confused with the front yard or  back yard projects we now have a side yard project. It never ends. This time, it involved grass. I am slowly becoming the king of lawn, methinks.

It  all started innocently enough. B was at the front of the house watering the front yard garden and then when we got to the side of the house she said, “We have to do something about this”. Now, I was minding my own business drinking a coffee on our front steps when I heard this -  so brave soul that I am, I asked…“um, We?”.  Of course, you know what the answer was.

This is where I should know better and I should have followed the rule, but I didn’t. You see, at the side of the house was for the most part, just tall grass along the house - and although it did do a great job of hiding the unsightly gas meter, it wasn’t the most prettiest and it hid these flowers which are very pretty further back:

Fantastic husband that I am, I volunteered to go get the hedge trimmers and cut the grass down. This would require putting down my coffee and getting off my butt, but hey - the sacrifices one must make - in sickness and in health, and all that..

About 15 minutes later my efforts produced this result:

Which not only gives  a great view of the gas meter,also looks loads better and cleaner than just tall grass swinging in the breeze.

Then we go inside and have tea and cookies. It’s a good life.

Now, this isn’t the end of the story. The next day, sod must be had. My beautiful wife has this project in her head and it must be done. So, later in the afternoon we go to the big box store that’s orange and sells pretty much everything, including sod - or so we thought. Turns, out  - they’re sold out.

What to do? I ask my phone, that’s what. I ask for directions to a garden center about 5 minutes away according to the  big G.  B tells me she’s never heard of this place and she’s lived here for five years yada yada yada. But optimist that I am, I fire up the GPS and off we go. Guess who was right? Yes, I get the billboard.

We pull up to the garden center that’s not supposed to be there and what do we see? SOD!  lots and lots of Sod! 

6 rolls of sod and enough fertilizer or lawn starter to last until the end of time, and wer’e back in the car and back home.

What we should have done was line the trunk with a blanket or garbage bags before tossing in half a lawn into the trunk, but we’re not smart like that so once we got home from the sod adventure, your’s truly vacuumed out the trunk after we got the sod out of the car.

After dinner,we both go out and begin to lay the sod. “Oh it looks GRRREEAEAT!”  says B as I a laid the first piece down. “It looks just like carpet!” she says.

It didn’t take us too long to get the rest laid down and as luck would have it we actually measured and estimated correctly how much we would have and there was not one bit left over  -  it all worked out great!

Of course, the best part of any job like this is the end result, so without further delay I present  this as evidence of our continued home improvement journey. I think the the smile pretty much says it all, don’t ya think?

Up next, that fence in the background gets painted… but that’s a story for another day..