The Small Print

Pop Quiz Time!

What do you get when your wife rents a car thinking it’s a one-way rental -  when really, it’s not?

Road Trip! 

As you may recall, Junior dropped by last week to say hello with his folks, who were visiting from Argentina. Their next stop, after visiting us was in Lancaster, PA.

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But, they wanted to rent a car. So… beautiful wife gladly assisted on getting rental car reserved for a (supposedly) one way trip.  She picks up the car, and we send  Junior with all my remaining cookies for the big 7 hour trip.

We think to ourselves “Oh, what a nice visit)”. We’ll never see them for some time again.

Fast forward about 7 hours: The phone rings and it’s BW’s (beautiful wife) mother wanting to know where to drop off the rental car. We think it’s funny that they don’t  know, but whatever. Then the phone rings again. You know the rental car that was supposed to be a one way rental? Yeah, not so much.

Somewhere, somehow, somethings got messed up and the rental car that is 7 hours away needs to be picked up and dropped off in Buffalo

After a lot of crying (mine), the only way to solve the problem was to to and pick up said rental.  We cough screwed up and now we  have to pay for our mistake by driving all the way  to:


Sunday Morning, we get up at six am to a lovely sunrise

make some breakfast:

drop the dog off at daycare

and we’re off. Well, until the morning coffee hit and we had  to stop:

But once we got all that out of the way, it was a full on drive and we managed to meet up with the rental car in Williamsport, PA by 11 am, thanks to B’s mom who graciously offered to help with this error of our ways by meeting us about halfway in Williamsport, PA.

At first, I will admit that the thought of a hot July Sunday in a car with no air conditioning was not really my idea of a good time, but once I got my mind wrapped around it, we really had a great day.

We saw sights:

We ate well too:

And of course, we were silly and had fun.  (note BW’s lovely attire -  she dresses so well)

All in all, we put 8+ hours of driving under our butts and BW learned that she still doesn’t think the Jetta is a good car now that’s she’s driven one so it looks like so far the Mazda is still the car for us.

But, we did it -  The rental car is safe and sound in Buffalo, NY and we were home in time for dinner with veggies from our garden and a story to tell.