The Money Tree

As of this post or blog or article or whatever else you want to call this I will have been blogging for a week. The purpose of tidy husband is really just to document and remember and share the everyday and not make money. Yes, there’s an ad or two on the site but that’s really just to fill out the design I use, rather than make any money with it.

But wouldn’t you know it - ** to date I’ve made a whopping $2.81 so far with this website already **.

Of course and because I am who I am, this got me thinking - is it still possible to earn a living online in 2012 and beyond? I have no idea how I made 3 bucks to be honest, as the only visitors have been a few family members. I’m sure you’ve read the ‘local boy does good’ stories about bloggers or websites that started with just their mom’s (happy mother’s day to all, BTW) reading the site to later become dot com millionaires over time.

I have no gradiose ideas about millions, but I wonder - could I make enough telling stories (which is all we’re really doing) to pay the mortgage? I guess time will tell.

**In the meantime..


It’s too bad the tree in the backyard isn’t a money tree, because boy could we use it. I know there’s families in more dire straits than ours and we’re really lucky. I’m typing this on a notebook computer while B slurps tea across the room. We’re happy. really happy .

But the fact that I’m only allowed to work as of earlier this week has taken a toll on our savings. In a perfect world, I’d stay home and work while B goes off and engages the minds of today’s youth, but we’ve been living off of essentially one income for months and there’s not much water in the well left right now.

Why am I sharing this? Because this is real. It’s not all sunshine and unicorns and keeping the bathroom clean. It’s gas in the car, and groceries in the fridge, and buying birthday gifts and the million other expenses life throws at you. There may even be a real day job in the future. I have no idea when we’d do laundry (which reminds me, there’s a load of darks I need to deal with), but we need to improve our fiscal situation - even if it’s just ever so slightly.

One thing I’ve learned since being married, and probably the best part is you don’t have to do it alone. This is new to me. I’ve been doing it alone for so long, I find it difficult to to get my mind wrapped around the fact that we’re two now. We’re like a small company or corporation (I’ll let you guess who’s president) with budgets and planning and forecasts for the future.

**Doing the Math.


Let’s assume I make 3 bucks a week with this site (I’m dreaming because it never works that way and I’m really not interested in the money with this site. This is for me - this is the ‘sit on the couch and write, or get up early and write site, not the website designed to make money. This is for fun.)

But suppose I do make a bit shy of 3 dollars a week? That’s close to $150.00 a year. Not a lot of money, but enough for a nice dinner out in Toronto at our favorite restaurant

Again, time will tell - but sometimes it’s nice to dream. Now, if only I could do something about the tree in the backyard..

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