The Man Cave

Two things happened this weekend:

BW went away for the weekend.

It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

I’m writing this from my new home office I decorated or ‘made over’ this weekend while BW was away.

Over time I’ve slowly been moving BW’s stuff out of her ‘library’ - a little corner in the basement where we kept her books and filing cabinets and all the other crap that never seemed to make it to the ‘real basement’.

When I moved in my desk a week or so ago we both knew it was just a matter of time. We bought some cheap carpet to cover the ugly floor and keep my toes warm but the carpet was still a little hard on the feet now that I am using my desk as a standing desk.

Earlier this week I bought a standing desk floor mat and then this weekend while the boss was away I bought some interlocking foam flooring which added some padding as well.

And then I got to thinking that I should do the entire office in the flooring. But first, BW’s bookcases would need to go.

Books - say hello to the basement.

It really is a library:

I kept things just as they were when the books were upstairs as I made note of what shelf they were on when I emptied the shelves and then put the books back on. The only thing I changed was that no books are on the bottom in case our sump pump decides to die and we don’t notice.

Once those pesky books were out of the way i then had enough room for a recliner which I swiped from the living room and a bit more flooring after a trip back to home depot.

Something was still missing… I know - pictures on the wall. I forgot I had these but they picture frames for albums so now I have some album covers on the wall.

And I have a nice cosy little man cave.

I also spruced up the basement a bit while I was down there and I tossed a bunch of stuff and set up a much brighter light and repurposed our old kitchen table that cannow be be BW’s craft table/my photo table.

I texted BW Saturday night that this is what happens when she leaves me unsupervised. We have found that it’s best if I do stuff like this when she’s not here. Besides, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness…