The Light in the Kitchen

As I mentioned yesterday I was working on changing the  light in the kitchen.

I can now write that the light is still installed and so far seems to be still hanging from the ceiling which I guess is something to brag about.

This light install was not without it’s problems though:

The light came from  China via eBay and as such the assembly  instructions were a little lacking. An example, they included nuts to screw the arms to the base, but they made not mention that the arms had tape over the threads and as the tape and arm were the same color it was easy to miss.

If you look to closely you can also see the limits of  my spackling skills as well.


But the bigger poblem?

I said to BW earlier that I sure hoped that the paint we have in the can matches the paint we have on the ceiling already.

Well….you know how that turned out….


Does close count?

There’s no way I’m painting the entire kitchen - and living room ceilings just so the paint matches. It’s dried a bit since I took the photo but if you start to look for different shades you will find them.

So we either call a painter and do it right or just live with it for the time being. My vote is for the latter  because thanks to the way our new light throws the shadows it’s not that  noticeable.

All in all a good weekend. I installed a light for free, but we now have to hire a painter and a fence install company. I  can hardly wait for next weekend.

I’m beginning to think that the best tool for me to use in the future when it comes to these ‘easy’ home repairs might just be my phone so I can call a pro.

I told BW I would scrape the popcorn off the ceiling and install the light and I did  complete both those tasks. check, and check.

Nobody said anything about paint colors.