The Lawnmower

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Before the neighbors start to picket the house, I guess I had better get around to cutting the front lawn at least and while I was doing so I realized that the lawnmower I own is all three things : electric, cheap and most importantly: still working

And that’s what I want to write about today: the still working part. You see, when I bought this mower it was because my old rider died one day when it decided it didn’t want to turn corners any more. And instead of infusing more cash into an older rider mower I decided to retire it (put it out to pasture) and just find the cheapest mower I could find because I don’t really get excited about lawn mowers so I found this little green works model and it seems to be holding up just fine.

In fact, I think I have had this mower for 5 years now, which considering what this thing costs is a pretty good deal compared to the big bucks a riding mower would cost.

Yes, you get hot and sweaty in the summertime, but it’s summertime and isn’t hot and sweaty the fun? It would be cooler on a riding mower with its cup holders but that’s no fun.

Another thing I didn’t realize is how afraid people are of the cor**d. **You would think I was from the dark ages with some of the comments I get. Maybe it’s the fear of mowing over the cord but in the few years I have had this thing I have mowed over the cord zero times. That’s right -zero

I have found that if you plug the cord into the outlet and then move away from the outlet as you mow that for the most part the cord stays out of your way.

I had thought about buying a electric mower with a battery but they go for $500 or so and again, lawn mowers don’t excite me so this one does me just fine. Besides with the battery models you have to worry about a charged battery and whether it will last when you want to cut the entire lawn in one go if you have a big lot (I do). Just one more thing to go wrong.

But when I pull out my cheapo electric mower after a very cold and crappy winter, it’s all ready to go - all I have to do is to plug it in and push.