The Hundred Dollar Box, Part II

Yesterday after spending too much money at Home Depot, we continued our errands and went to BW’s office, because big exciting times would be had: the $100 box is here

Of course we just had to see what a hundred dollar box looked like when all assembled:

And… it’s a box. But you do get a free garbage bag with it as well so there’s that. It even comes with instructions on how to build the box.

After it was built, we had to test it out and see if it worked:

And what to you know, it does! BW seems afraid of it though. ?

And that’s how we spend our Saturday night.

The big question I guess is - was the box worth it? I think so. It seems silly to cough up that much for a box but BW seems to be having a great time with the recycling and composting thing and there’s much worse so I won’t complain.

Also, she had Hershey’s Kisses in her office so I was good. And when I was done, I tossed the wrapper in the box.