The Hot Water Heater Fund

If there’s one thing that gets overuse in our home is the hot water heater and sadly, it’s days are numbered. And we’re trying to find the money to replace it because unlike in Canada where you rent your hot water heater from the gas company until the end of time,  here in the  US of A you own the thing and this means it’s up to us to repair or replace said heater.

Earlier this spring, the furnace guy came by for the $100 tuneup  anda mentioned that our hot water heater has seen better days and we’ d need a new one. $650 installed he said which I thought was a pretty good price. As you can see from the photo, it’s just the standard water heater and assuming you get a dozen or so years out of it, the $50 a year for a water heater seems like a pretty good deal.

But, No.

Future Husbands: (if you’re already a husband - you know this) Any conversation that starts with “ I have been thinking” will either cost you money, or you should start to move the furniture because buddy, you’re painting.  In this case, it is the latter, and I also did learn that we have champagne taste when it  comes to water heaters and we need a bigger water heater to fill the tub.

My argument is that we should just maintain the standard and get the same old water heater that everybody else has and solve the problem.  B thinks we should get either a pass through hot water heater for unlimited hot  water  (which I hear are not the best) or  get a bigger heater that will fill the tub for baths.** It’s all about the baths**, apparently.

End of story? Guess who won.  Hint: It starts with a B.

So now in the past week or so I’m selling off my DVD collection and sundry other items I don’t  need. I thought maybe, just maybe, I could get a new toy, as per our one in - one out rule,  but the purchasing department tells me otherwise and  that the incoming item will be cylindrical in shape and be able to heat hot water on demand, and in large quantities.

Also, I am told I am having eggplant for dinner. Send help, or money, or both. ?