The Good Pie

We have a pie in the freezer. Big surprise.

BW and I have different opinions one when we should eat said pie. For BW, any time she thinks to put it in the oven is a good time for pie.

But for me as much as I like pie I was saving this pie. For what, I’m not sure. It was in the freezer so I am sure pies do expire even frozen but I was kind of saving it for rainy day. It’s become my ‘just in case’ pie.

I thought we would have it for some special occasion, or when it’s really stormy out and the schools are closed and we all are home in our PJ’s.

But tonight, BW decided that tonight is pie night. Tonight is good enough. No saving of the pie she tells me.

But then I got to thinking that I do this with a lot of things other than pie. I tend to save stuff for later - just in case.

Take now for example - I’m using the laptop with the crappy keyboard that has a few scratches and scuffs. I have a better one that is so nice I’m also afraid to use it. I’m saving it. For what - I am not so sure.

Clothes are the same too. I bought a sweater on sale at Target for eight bucks. I haven’t worn it yet because I’m saving it. Again, for what I am not sure.

It’s an eight dollar shirt. My lunch today cost more. If I was to spill on this shirt it would not be a loss at all.

BW, on the other hand is completely different. She’s has a more c’est la vie attitude when it comes to stuff. “Stuff gets used” she says.

I’m always waiting for some event with unicorns and angels singing before I will wear my new shirt or eat my saved pie.

I sure hope I don’t spill pie on my shirt. I don’t think I could handle it.