The First Episode

We have a tradition here.

When we start to watch a new movie on Netflix or Amazon or whatever, I always want to quit halfway through and I say “ I dunno BW about this - what else do we have?” and every time BW makes me stick with it and then by the 2nd or sometimes third episode I’m fully hooked and can’t stop watching.

I’ve done this with other projects too. Take this site for example - I have started and then ultimately quit writing here more than once and if I look back I wish I had stuck with it.

I wonder if the fact that my need for the TV show to grab me fully in the first 15 minutes due to my interest in technology and the internet and that stuff moves so fast in these spheres that there’s always something new?

Or maybe that when it comes to the streaming services themselves. There’s just too much stuff and so little time? I’ve yet to make it all the way through breaking bad and there’s so much other stuff to watch on my saved lists that it’s overwhelming. There’s too much choice now.

Add to the fact that these shows are not just one episode - or even just an hour and a half movie - but some are entire series with 18 one hour episodes in the que. We don’t watch every day so a season’s worth can take us upwards of 2 months or longer to slog through.

Maybe that’s why I’m so reluctant to start a new show because with the way we watch now there’s **so much time invested in the watching **now. Back in the the pre-streaming era it was easier. You were only out a half an hour if you didn’t like it.

As a Canadian sometimes we didn’t have much choice other than CBC so you didn’t ahve much programming to choose from: hockey or hockey. Or even with regular cable, an episode of Happy Days was 30 minutes at most and the commercials mean you even had time to pee or get a snack.

Maybe I’m just being to fussy about my time and what I watch but sometimes it seemed like less choice was easier.