The First Annual Summer Roundup. 2012 Edition.


I guess it’s about time for the first annual summer roundup here on Tidy Husband – one of many I hope. I had started this blog for one thing, and that’s to remember all the silly little things one does, or at least the ones  I write about. I don’t blog every day here because well, some days the fact that I lost a sock in the dryer, it’s garbage night doesn’t reallly qualify for an article. Also, these things take time for me to write, and sometimes when I have a choice to hang out with BW or blog, I pick hanging out with a beautiful woman…

Anyway, here goes: the first annual what I did on my summer vacation: 

  1. I started this thing. Technically I started in May but what the heck – we’ll start here. This blogging has been much more fun than I care to admit most days. There’s many a time I’m laughing at the stuff I write it’s so silly.

  2. I wrote about her shoes. it started with the shoes, and boy does she have a lot of ‘em 

  3. I shared how we met. (the dog, not BW)

  4.  We threw out stuff. Boy, does BW like to pitch stuff

  5. Summer Colds are no fun. 

  6. I became the official lawn boy of 2012

  7. Students and Cigars do not make me a happy husband

  8. Married for 3 months in a row.

  9.  The dog rolled in poo

  10. We dreamed about  buying a new car

  11. I bet our um, summer running regimen didn’t last a month . There’s always next year

  12. We planted flower seeds off eBay in our front garden

  13. Over a year ago, BW started to import me

  14. We gave away a perfectly good dog kennel

  15. We started our very first vegetable garden

  16. The air conditioning on the Mitsubishi crapped out

  17. I wrote about how I was going to get rich blogging. We’re still waiting.

  18. Probably the best thing to happen this summer. Honey, I’m home

  19. I was going to spend an hour a night selling stuff on eBay. didn’t happen. I did sell some stuff though so not a complete wash.

  20. We put seeds in dirt and stuff actually grew. We were thrilled.

  21. I went to the hospital in the USA for the first time 

  22. I learned if you get up early, get the work done you can have tea and cookies later with BW. win-win.

  23. I miss the summertime eventing strolls already.

  24. I shared how much money I made in May. I stopped for the summer, but might start again – it’s fun to keep track.

  25. Holy, do we eat a lot. 

  26. The summer of the hot water heater.

  27. I started to worry online about my upcoming dental work.

  28. Add a Backyard, a Cardboard Box and BW with a box on head. Best post I wrote this summer.

  29. I made the dog fat. 

  30. I realized being married just really means your to-do list grows, and you’re not the one that makes the list. That’s what you have a BW for.

  31. Engaged. For a Year. I’m a very lucky guy. 

  32. She went away. I painted the deck. seems fair, no?

  33. I realized number 31 above is all that really matters. Stuff doesn’t. 

  34. When the wife’s away, I play catch with the dog in the late summer sun.

  35. Also when the wife is away, I really know how to party.

  36. I learned I should stop volunteering to do stuff, like paint again. 

  37. We had cheesecake

  38. I fell in love with a garden weeder

  39. We won the most fashionable couple award 

  40. We actually grew stuff in our summer garden

  41. We laid sod 

  42. Apparently, I can trim hedges and keep my fingers.

  43. We went to our first summer fair.

  44. She thinks we need a new car

  45. Even simple thursday nights can be magic

  46. We are, and have good neighbours

  47. I kept on telling everybody how smart she is. About time it got recognized. .

  48. It’s a good thing I had emergency animal crackers. You never know who will show up at your door

  49. From now on, I’m in charge of the car rentals.  Fine print is a bitch.

  50. Our first summer harvest

  51. I can fix stuff. Also, new water heater time!

  52. It’s OK to be on the hook for a 30 year mortgage, right? Also, the dog catches mice.

  53. It wouldn’t be summer without a trip to the Poconos

  54. My lawn cutting skills have a way to go.

  55. I got the photo bug (also, more painting)

  56. Sometimes, you just have to give your head a shake with the things she says.

  57. If only her Mac would work like she wanted it to. 

  58. The dog isn’t the only one getting fat

  59. Greyhounds are really fast.

  60. Hoo, that dress. Wow.

  61. I really should learn to just do as I am told. 

  62. Well, we can say I tried. 

  63. New Husband plus old garage floor = fresh painted garage floor

  64. Got my tooth pulled. At least I could eat ice cream. Also, new shutters for the house too.

  65. We have nice melons

  66. I forgot I was afraid of heights

  67. BW and Botanical Gardens

  68. I broke the keurig machine. That’s number 2 

  69. One book out the door = one proud husband.

  70. I’ve got my eye on you. Also, a wedding in the Poconos

  71. Getting Married is really just a big party to celebrate the fact that you’ll be painting everything she owns eventually over time. Get to know the paint people at the home depot. They’re your new friends.

  72. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine 

And that’s it for the summer of 2012 . 72 different things of note that I want to remember from this summer’s events.  A few of the hits of 2012  – are of course, the box on the head in the backyard, getting published in the new york timess, getting a book out the door for publishing and painting everything in sight. Also, the dog and I gained some weight.

I  wonder what the fall will bring for us? Time will tell I guess.. and that’s the fun part.


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