The Early Bird Gets the Worm

I don’t know if it’s the age thing, but I’m finding that I’m waking up earlier and earlier. B, on the other hand..

I’m finding that over the course of the last few weeks I’ve been trying to get all my work done first and then do the fun stuff. A few weeks ago, this wasn’t always the case and I would blog here first, surf the internet and do other non-productive items. Then, I would wonder where my day would go and my to do list would still be waiting for me as I panicked to get something productive done.

Then the past few days I decided to change the pattern and do the work first, then fiddle around and it’ working out to be a succes for quite a few reasons.

Less guilt. When I’ve got my work for the day done, I can write here, sell stuff on ebay, cut the grass and other things I like and prefer to do

More Time. All I did was swap out the internet surfing for working and I seem to have much more time. It’s just after lunch and the day is mine. Heck, I could even work more if the urge came upon me, but at very minimum the work I planned to do is done.

Getting up early isn’t the problem for me. It’s the staying up late that’s the hard part and I find some days I can’t seem to make it past nine before I start to look for my toothbrush and make sure the dog is inside and then it’s off to bed for yours truly.

The upside of an early start is that it sure is quiet - even the dog goes back to bed.

Why am I sharing all this? Maybe as just as a reminder that facebook doesn’t pay you for your updates but with a ten dollar domain name you too could be doing what I’m doing - writing and making money. (I’ve actually made a few bucks with this site already) I do it with a 5am start, so that by noon-ish the day is mine. You might be like my wife where she starts her day about noon and is still happy to work well into the evening. Whatever works for you.

But this early bird start is working great so far and once you break the habit of NOT working hard it really becomes pretty easy and you find yourself working more and more. With the workday done I’ve got family time for walks with the dog and B, or just reading books or listening to music or gardening knowing full well I’ve moved the needle today.

And that’s all a guy could ask.