The Dollar Store

I have fallen in love with our local dollar store.

It wasn’t always like this, and when I was younger and more impressionable and more aware and interested in logos and fashion I would never go to a dollar store because: ewww..

But something changed. I am older and cheaper now and the Dollar Store is one of my most visited places (well, besides Best Buy). In fact If I had Target, a Dollar Store and eBay I could probably get everything I wanted at these few locations.

But it turns out I am a Dollar Store snob. I only go to the Dollar General. One opened on the Island and it’s much better than the previous one that was there. (not sure of the name).

One would think that it would not be the wisest choice to open a dollar store at the **same location ** of a Dollar Store that just closed and went out of business and I have to tell you the Dollar General is the bomb.

I’m not the only one that thinks so.

I don’t buy a lot of stuff there, but it’s great for little things. I have bought tea lights, cardboard boxes for mailing, chocolate bars and pop. Oh, and winter gloves recently.

If I had to say my favorite part it’s the food. I only go there because they have brand of nachos I like but the part that amazes me the most is the drink selection.

If I want a Coke, I can get it in an 8 oz aluminum bottle, glass bottle, or a if I’m really thirsty or need a sugar high then there’s the big **large cans ** that are are larger than life. It comes by the case or you can buy singles either room temperature or cold. If you want a pop or drink there’s a very good chance you can buy it at the dollar store.

I’ve come home with the big cans of coke - complete with huge US flag printed on the side and BW has said “You don’t need that” - and she’s right, but it was the holidays so I figure what the heck.

But my favorite reason is the smaller cans of pop. I’m from Canada where everything is a bit smaller and I really don’t want to cough up 2 bucks for a huge can of pop. 8oz is fine and it costs only a dollar. Coke is not the best thing for you but if I want one, I want a small dose and not a can that has the same dimensions as a Chevy Spark.

The problem is that if I keep drinking the super-sized pop I’m going to be the size of the Chevy so I try to behave as much as I can.

Besides, I have to leave room for pie.