The Dog Bed

Man, do I hate the dog bed.

She doesn’t seem to mind it as much

Every week or so I am tasked with what could be my least favorite household duty: wash the dog’s bed

You would think that BW does this but the dog bed is so large and so unwieldy that it needs me to take care of this disaster.

As you can imagine we don’t have the self-cleaning dog and despite the fact that we pay good money at the groomers to get her cleaned and bathed regularly after a few weeks both her and the bed she sleeps in is pretty nasty.

So, the bed gets washed when she gets washed. Otherwise it’s just a waste of fifty bucks at the groomers. The problem is that this bed is HUGE compared to the size of the dog. It’s the equivalent of having a king bed for one person.

I don’t really care about the size so much as it’s just a piece of memory foam with a canvas cover, it’s the fact that it’s tricky to get the foam off the cover and near impossible to get the cover back on !

Allow me to illustrate:

Imagine you have a pair of jeans that are just a touch too snug (not that I would know anything about this), but instead of just trying to squeeze your legs in, pretend you’re wearing a foam suit (stay with me here)

You will find in a big hurry that foam and canvas don’t really go well together. It’s not like the foam just slips right in. You have to pull the canvas cover but it doesn’t slide on the foam well. You then try to push on the foam but that doesn’t really work either as the foam is not stiff enough

What happens is you end up swearing and cursing and pushing and pulling and grunting until finally, finally you have the stupid dog bed put together again for a few days until it’s time to do it all over again.

Both the Dog and I hate bath day for different reasons it seems.

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