The Dell Memory Selector: You Can Get A Better Deal on Memory Upgrades

This should be common knowledge to anybody who’s even remotely familiar with computer memory but in case you’ve missed it – you can do better on ram prices when you buy ram elsewhere.

The Dell Memory Selector is really handy for finding out what memory upgrades you need for dell both new and old and over the years, there have been a lot of dell computers released and it’s always a good ideal to add ram to whatever model you choose but the ram prices from Dell seem to be high when you compare the prices on memory upgrades from other memory manufacturers:

Let’s use an example: The Dell Inspiron 15 is one of the most popular Dell laptops today and to buy memory for the Dell Inspiron 15 from Dell is pretty expensive when you compare the prices to other memory manufacturers and retailers.

Dell charges $38 for 4GB of RAM currently which really is a lot more realistic than the $400 Apple wants for the ram upgrades for their MacBook Pro lineup. Assuming you will need to buy two 4GB DDR3 1333Ghz laptop memory modules to maximize the memory on your Dell, you’re looking at just under $80.00 to max out the dell notebook ram if you buy direct from Dell.

Compare this to memory from Crucial Technology (or others in the pricing table for dell notebook memory below) where you can buy the exact same upgrade for a bit over $40.00 currently. (again, prices may change – see prices below for current dell notebook ram prices ).

That’s a half price discount, or close to – all by doing about 30 seconds of research and looking for alternative sources for Dell Memory Upgrades, other than buying ram from Dell Directly.

Now, if saving money on RAM is not your first and foremost concern, and you want Dell to install RAM in your new Dell notebook than the extra $40 or so you pay for RAM from dell compared to other cheaper sources may be worth it as now you don’t have to install the Dell memory upgrade yourself and can let a certified Dell Technician install the ram into your brand new Dell notebook.

Dell Notebook Memory Upgrade Prices:

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