The Crown

I was going to write about valentine’s day today because, well, it is.

But BW gave me better fodder for my blog today so I will write about the big day later this week - tomorrow probably. But today..

BW had a cracked tooth and today went to get started with a new crown for her busted tooth.

But things got a bit out of hand. Fast.

Apparently her idea of getting fitted for a crown was in an alternate reality compared to what really needs to happen.

I wasn’t there to witness this but in BW’s pretty little head she thought a crown would just be some plastic cap or something the dentist would slip on and she would be in and out of the dentist’s office in a jiffy.

So one can imagine her surprise when she saw the needle! OMG the needle! Nobody said anything about needles!

She tells me she had a nervous breakdown at the sight of this and protested the entire operation because she thought there would be no needles and grinding.

Spoiler alert: there were needles and grinding.

It was so bad she had to go home and sleep and yet when I got home from work she was **still grumpy ** and miffed that this dental exercise caught her completely off guard. In short, she was not prepared.

In her pretty little head she had a completely different scenario than what would actually transpire, and there was drama. Oh boy, do I feel for our dentist. the spirit of the day I came home with cookies.

Because cookies make everything better when you’ve had a bad day.

Happy Valentines Day, BW!