the crib

It begins. The baby stuff, that is.

I wrote yesterday how life will soon change for BW and I and now I guess it gets to be a little mor real because now there’s a crib in the baby’s room.

Here’s what we bought

baby crib

This is just the beginning.

It took my father-in-law and I an embarrassingly long time to get the thing put together only to realize that it would not fit through the door to the baby’s room. After taking it apart and then re-assembling it it finally is in the baby’s room. Now all we need is a baby to put in it.

Also, these things are expensive! If you factor in how much a baby is in size and the size of the bed to the my size and the size of my bed I bet I’m paying more per square foot for the kid than I am for my own bed.

assembled crib

It’s kind of jammed in the corner for the time being but as the baby room is still technically a guest room, but we’re working on it.

Now that first item for the baby is in house – I got to thinking…I wonder how much more crap we are going to have in the house over the years? Only one way to find out, and that’s to track all the stuff that enters the house. We’re still months away from the child arriving and already we have more stuff than the crib.

Tell family you’re having a baby and the stuff justs starts to come. You don’t even have to ask.

Oh, BTW this crib is the the Delta Children Tribeca 4-in-1 Baby Convertible Crib

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