The Cost of Stuff

I’m about a week or so away from  twenty years of ramseeker and listing ram prices, and I think I’m due for a change  - or ‘pivot’ as it’s been said.

RAM isn’t really that big of a seller any more and also it’s pretty cheap and for the most part the same price from most vendors. Even if the price does vary it’s by a few dollars at most.

I mentioned before I am out of memory as it’s time has come and gone. The iPhone is close to being the primary computer for a lot of people and you can’t upgrade the ram in these either.

When it comes to the Mac, it’s the same - save for a few iMac models you can’t upgrade the ram in practically any Mac now. I suppose there’s a market for ram for older computers but the last MacBook Pro you could add RAM to is now almost six years old.

To summarize: the days of RAM upgrades are over except for those upgrading older computers and this is not a niche or market I want to pursue over the years as it’s only going to get worse over time.

The same goes with storage. Yes, there is still a demand for hard drives and SSD’s but I’ve never really tracked them as they are pretty much all the same - just pick a brand and size you like or need. I think that these too will go away over time with the Cloud being your number one place for storing your files - I know it is for me.

So Now What?

I’ve tried a few things and failed spectacularly over the last few months from On Curation to writing about upgrades for the few that can still take an upgrade like the Lenovo x260 but I don’t think that tracking ram prices is the way to go forward for the long term,

What I do want to do is to start publishing more, but what? RAM prices are out but everything else is up for grabs and I always come back to one thing - shopping. Heck, ramseeker started because I liked to shop but twenty years ago ram was expensive and so comparing prices made sense because saving just a little bit of money on RAM made a difference.

I guess going foward I will write about a bunch of topics but with the prices in mind, specifically** what stuff costs.**  Writing about stuff is easy for me and I like to shop, so this is a combination of that.

I’ve had a good run over the past 20 years but it’s time to move away from memory upgrades. My phone and notebook have all the ram they need and I bet you’re in  the same boat.

Thanks for visiting.