The Cost of Memory Keeps Dropping in Price

What is the cost of memory? That’s the number 1 question I answer day in and day out here on ramseeker as this is all I do – track and monitor ram and memory upgrade prices from reputable third part vendors.

But if you think about it and save for the fewer higher end applications that require 32GB of RAM or more, memory upgrades are so cheap that the default thing to do when you get a new computer is to fill it with ram.

Let’s take the MacBook as an example:  Depending on where you buy your MacBook from the price will be about $1000 for a new MacBook today. RAM prices to completely fill your MacBook with memory, replacing the factory memory (which you can sell for even further price reductions) will cost you just under $50. That’s 1/20th the cost of the computer you want to upgrade or about the same price as a dinner out for two.

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But for the $50 ram upgrade you get the performance you deserve from your thousand dollar purchase for your MacBook that you paid for as with a maxed out MacBook (or any computer for that matter) you benefit from faster application launch times, more applications open at the same time and an overall feel that your very expensive notebook is just overall a faster mac with the maximum ram installed when compared to the performance you get with  the memory configuration directly from Apple.

The best part is that a year or so from now or whenever you are ready to upgrade your next computer, ram prices will continue to drop, or at very least the memory module size will get bigger so you get more gigabytes for the same memory upgrade dollar.

Considering how cheap ram has become over the years, I can strongly suggest you max out the memory on your computer. RAM is so cheap right now.