The Changing Table

As we are getting closer to the due date (t-minus 59 days!) it also means I have to get off my ass and make sure we have a room for the baby ready.

BW picked this out and it matches the crib because god forbid we have a non color coordinated baby room

Here’s the finished product.

I only had to take it apart once to get it right.

It’s great that you can buy stuff cheap on Amazon but this is far from perfect. Some of holes for the screws were too small so I had to force the screw. This was and is a manufacturing defect because it only applied to one corner. It’s NOT my fault or lack of reading the instructions.

Anyway. It’s together, and without any extra screws or parts so that’s a win in my books. 🙂

I’m not real confident leaving the baby on this for any length of time but according to the warnings you’re not supposed to anyway as that’s not what it was designed for.

I’m pretty sure the idea is to get that dirty diaper off and into the diaper pail real fast and then take the freshly diapered kiddo to a more pleasing area in the house where the room doesn’t smell like poo.

So…there you have it. About $100 shipped for this engineering disaster.

This is the one we ended up with:

Modern Baby Changing Table with Laundry Hamper

This brings the total baby stuff to about $900.00 worth of stuff for the kiddo so far.

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