The Carpet Snake

As I am apt to do, I have given the dog a new name: the carpet snake

Because now that it’s been a few weeks, I am sure that in her little dog brain she is thinking “where has this carpet been all my life?”.

If you’re looking for the dog - check the carpet first. Chances are she will be there.

She slithers from one end of the carpet to the other following the sunshine coming in through the window

Heck, even when we are waiting for the carpet to dry and have it upside down that didn’t stop her. Carpet is carpet after all.

Of course there’s the odd time that the snake gets confused and lies on the bare hard floor but that’s rare. It does happen from time to time though.

Last weekend we took the snake on the road trip to BW’s office and while she cleaned up thd snake still found some carpet to slither on.

You will notice that the snake did not barf on this carpet - because it’s only worth $20.00 tops.

I guess I have come to realize that we did not buy our new carpet for us we bought it for the snake.

Maybe that’s why they call it Carpet

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