The BookCase

We have nobody to blame but ourselves.

In fact if it comes down to it I guess I’m the one to blame. Because: my idea.

You see, now that I have my own little space in my corner in the basement thanks to my new desk that I have set up as a standing desk (which admittedly I am still getting used to) I thought that all I need now was to get rid of BW’s bookshelves and then I could squeeze a little chair in the corner if I delegated her books to another spot in the basement.

But first we had to figure out what to do with BW’s books and so I went on craigslist and found this mid century modern bookcase. It’s a very nice piece and it wasn’t too expensive considering some of the crap at IKEA.

Also, it was local - 8 minutes away so we buzzed over and bought it.

The lady did not deliver but she said she might have somebody that would deliver it for us for a nominal fee and it all worked out. By about 4pm this bookcase was in our home.

The End, right?


BW and I both thought we knew the perfect spot to put this and it would fill up a little spot in the corner that’s kind of dead space and if we’re not careful it’s a corner where crap just collects like the vacuum that should have been put away and sundry other items.

Before we left to buy this we measured the spot. It’s perfect.

What we didn’t do is measure the stairway, so guess what? It’s 2 inches too tall and won’t go down the stairs.

Oh, Hello Pissed Off Wife.

So just when I thought I was getting stuff done it’s now become my job to figure out how or who to hire to get this thing down there.

Of course the easy way would be to take it apart but because it’s well made and NOT crappy IKEA stuff I have no idea how. Or…I could tempt fate and try and find some professional movers to see if they can’t get it down there because it was oh so close

The guys that delivered this thing could not be more clueless if they tried. I’m FAR from a good mover but you would think it was the first time they ever moved anything, but no major damage done and for the time being this thing is in the living room.

It’s been a day. I have googled how to take apart furniture and how to move big furniture with little luck. We need to find somebody that knows how to disassemble this thing or knows how to get it down there because it can’t stay in the living room forever.

I have marching orders from BW that I must stop all other projects until I get this problem solved.

I guess it will be a while before I get my new chair in my office after all.

Stay tuned… there will be more for before this story ends.