The Appointment

I applied for my US passport last week. I filled in the forms and made copies of all the required documents and went and I had a passport photo all ready to go.

I’m ready. Off to the post office I go.

I get to the desk and say I would like to apply for my passport.

“Do you have an appointment? Asks the Clerk.

No, I replied

“You need an appointment - you can book online”

I looked back at all the other people waiting in line. **Except, the place was empty. **I was the only one there. It’s a small post office in a small town so I have found over the years it’s busy - or depnding on time of day you go and some luck, you are the only one there and that was the case for me.

No sense arguing. I went home and made an appointment. It should come as no surprise when I tell you that the **day was wide open **for me to pick a time for passport application but so it goes.

The following day I go in and **the very same clerk **who told me I needed an appointment was waiting for me. As it was early in the morning - again I was the only one there. The only difference between my first visit and now was **the appointment. **

This is not a big deal and it will all end well but after being interviewed and had physicals and more fingerprints and ‘biometrics’ than I can count I was hoping that this final step would be the easiest - but nope - I had one more bureaucratic hurdle to jump.

Next up: the SSN office. Stay tuned…