The $25.00 Desk

I had some time to kill on my phone this morning as I had an early doctor’s appt but I did not start working until 9. So I went for coffee and surfed craigslist. And I found a desk. For $25.00!

It came from a law firm that was closing and I thought for sure it was scam or the price was wrong but it turns out it was indeed just twenty five bucks so I said I will take it.

It’s a cubicle desk, so it comes with those fabric walls, that we so love. I got the last one, so it’s bit of a beater but it works and I managed to get it assembled without a trip to the emerg which is kind of amazing.

As I was putting it together I realized that instead of making it normal height I could make it a standing desk and gave that a try. If I don’t like it, I can always lower the top.

To quote my wife: “This is ridiculous. Put it at a normal height and sit down” .


It’s hard to see in the photos but I have tucked my old desk under this one so if I want to I can just pull the desk out a bit and pull up a chair.

I change my office around on the hour it seems trying to find the correct feng shui but it’s a pretty cheap desk and night’s entertainment getting it all plugged in and running.