The $100 CardBoard Box

How much would you pay for a box? A cardboard box?

At most - about five bucks right? Unless you’re BW.

This morning we went and celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary a day early and went for breakfast:

And while I was consuming my calories for the day in just one meal, BW drops this bomb on me:

“I was bored so I did something”

“Oh?” I ask

“I bought a cardboard box”


It turns out BW started to think about all the candy wrappers at her campus and how she’s always picking them up after students discard them and apparently this led her to some internet research and found a company that will recycle your candy wrappers.

All you need to do is cough up $100 or so for a cardboard box and they will take it to and fro when it gets filled up.

She plans on leaving this outside her office door and it’s commendable that she’s doing this for the environment and all but $100.00?

We already have a $50.00 dog and now we have this?

BW admits that it was impulsive so whatever but I just can’t help thinking that If I **gave her a box ** and then when it was full picked it up and took it to the recycling center would she give me the hundred bucks instead?

Personally, I think this was timed. She waited until I was eating and in a celebratory mood to drop this, but whatever - it’s too late now.

I wonder though…does this mean I could buy a new printer? The one I am looking at is on sale for $100 so I could explain to BW that I didn’t buy a printer and I just bought a $100 box.

They threw in the printer for free. ?

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