Ten Easy Steps on How To Paint a Living Room (and Stairway)


before painting


I’ve been working hard painting. but now that I’ve done with it,  I thought I would quickly write down a few tips on how to paint a hallway and livingroom. Ladies, this one is for you..


Buy House.  Be sure to buy one that’s been painted with textured paint so you’ll be able to sand it all down later  This is the important first step.  If you can’t afford a house an apartment will do, or even if you still live with your parents - that’s OK too, but you need the textured paint. I can’t stress this part enough

Wait 4 years or so.. you want to be sure the paint is completely out of date with no way that it will come  back in style. You’d hate to have to re-texture the walls at a later date.

Meet Your future  husband.  Invite him over, feed him dinner.. let him get used to his future environment. Don’t mention painting yet, you don’t want scare him off.  If you really feel you’ve got a keeper, you can get him to ‘help’ you with small painting, but be sure to emphasize you’ve done this before without him, thankyouverymuch, and he’s just ‘helping’. Guys like to help.

Get him to propose. (again, don’t  mention the painting yet. too soon)

Marry Him. (no painting talk until after the honeymoon)

7 Start with a small task. Maybe you could go away on a trip , and have him paint the deck while you’re gone. This will be the test. The deck is outside, and you don’t  know good his painting technique is.  If he’s going to make a mess, he can do it outside.You may as well have him start to cut the grass too. That lawn guy was costing you way too much money - a husband is  cheaper. If he’s passed this outdoor painting test, you’re ready to go to the next stage:

Project Living Room

8a. Take him to Home Depot. Let him look at speaker cables or lawn mowers, and then on the way by the paint section, very quickly ask his input on paint colors. You have less than one minute here, so have your colors ready to go - you want him to choose between curtain A, B, or C. - not the entire Sherwin Williams catalog.

8b. Another trip to the Depot. This time, again, go for a reason unrelated to painting and then on the way out - buy a small tester jar of one of the colors you/he picked. ( he won’t  remember what color you’ve chosen here , so you’ve got pretty much carte blanche here - just keep the colo close.)

8c. You’re ready to make your kill here. Paint a small test behind a picture, and ask your husband his opinion. He won’t care, but it does look cleaner so he’ll agree with you that it looks better than the mess currently on the walls.

 Mention how your birthday is  coming up and how you’d LOVE  to start your new year with a new better looking living  room, and he already approved the paint color.You want to go for the kill here, and have him commit  to a date. Maybe the weekend after you get back from the wedding at the farmhouse, it will be great painting weather then. Get Him to Commit. Use threats, guilt trips - whatever it takes. Tears usually work here too.

The Big Day. You need to be prepared ahead  of time and that means brushes bought, paint ready. Have him move the entire contents of the living room to the middle of the floor. You want him to paint everything. If you don’t trust his technique, you can do the taping. Hand him some sandpaper and tell him to smooth down th walls. This should take only a day,  or when his arms fall off.  When he’s done sanding, have him paint. Don’t mention that  you want to paint the popcorn ceiling too You’ve  got a good thing going here. - you don’t want to mess it up. Leave that project for another day.

That’s it! for bonus points you can tell him he  needs to replace every electrical outlet in the house too and don’t forget the light switches! And, of course he’ll have to put the entire room back when he’s done painting.

Whew this is all done, you will have a beautiful living room in a color that you picked out and yet he thinks he helped with.

Bonus  Step

  1. Just one more step, but this is optional:  Make Him a Steak Dinner (no eggplant) and bake him cookies. Of course, this step is optional. He may not be able to move his arms to pick up a knife and fork after all the sanding his arms wil hurt so much.  If this is the case, you can always make him a milkshake with a straw instead, or just forget this step.

When all this painting is done, you may want to take it easy on your man for a few weeks until the next project - afterall, leaf raking and snow shoveling season is just around the corner.